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Meet The Vision

SlamYo, is an attempt to escape the limit of distance between friends! We all have experienced deprivity of human connections in the lockdowns. And we are attempting to reduce its affects over our friendship by digitizing basic experiences we have in this beautiful relationship.

Our goal is to everyone connect with out friends. Hence the basic features of our website will be available to be used for free today, and for free for every other day to come!

We believe in Privacy, hence we have encrypted your personal and your friends' details like phone, email and address with your password; and thereafter we even hash out your passwords!! Not even I, the creator of site can see your and friends' personal details like email, phone and address without your password! So just don't share your password!

Avinash Sinha

(Simply said, your Friend!)

Why Our Site

  • Made by Friends, for Friends
  • We respect privacy
  • Easy to Use
  • Essential features are FREE

People Who Make This Possible

Anant Raj

Logo Design
(Ridiculously skilled freelancer)

Anjali Sinha

Project Testing
(Provides valuable insights)

Mohit Kumar

(The guy with the idea bag)

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